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14 June 2020

“Wow, that’s so pretty! Your painting would look so good in my [enter interior here]!” is a comment that I’ve heard countless of times about my paintings. It is also one that makes me simultaneously flattered and cringe at the same time. Its implication that art simply exists as decoration is insulting to the very core purpose of art (which is art itself) and its self-sufficiency to exist on its own. But I’m hypocritical anyway- marketing my work towards people at home.

Don’t get me wrong— I am extremely grateful that people enjoy my art and shower me with compliments. But it is just slightly degrading when something that you’ve poured your heart and soul into is simply regarded as a piece of decoration no different than what they sell at IKEA; something that requires to be placed in the right space in order to be appreciated.

Fine art strives beyond decoration; the surface beauty of an artwork comprises only one facet of its total value. This structural façade of an art piece, henceforth, must be viewed in conjunction with the more obscure layers of meaning that teems itself with emotion, story, creativity and symbolic significance. In a way the tangible component of an artwork can be viewed as the lens that stands between the viewer’s eye and the incorporeal conceptualities of a piece, such that an artwork encompasses not only its physical identity but also its immaterial presence.

Visual art seeks to manifest the abstract the same way writing seeks to communicate the intangible through words. And yet a poem or an essay is not judged based solely on how beautiful the words sound next to each other, or how perfectly they are printed on a page. It is through a process of passionate artmaking that such meaning becomes embedded within a material entity. While the obscurity of one exceeds the other; it opens up the possibilities of interpretative freedom that is ultimately one of its most admirable and impressive inherent qualities.

For art to simply be reduced to visual aesthetic is demeaning and ignorant to its artistry. It becomes a commodity that exists only for the eye and not for the art.

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